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Our team has many years of specialised experience in testing and analysis of telecommunications and related products.. This experience means that we are well placed to both advise on, and carry out, testing of your product to the relevant international specifications.

      Team Members:
  • Barry Lamb [ Materials Analysis /Environmental / Structural ]

    Barry Lamb

    For the last 15 years Barry has been involved in environmental testing (temperature/humidity/shock/vibration/altitude) and reliability testing of components and manufactured products/systems. Previously he had been involved in all aspects of materials and components analysis for over 30 years, using optical and electron microscopy. He has a BSc in Physics and did his PhD in corrosion engineering.

  • Chester Jones [ RGA / Materials / Environmental ]

    Chester Jones

    Chester has a BSc in Physics and a PhD in surface science. His early career was spent using Scanning Electron Microscopy imaging and analysis to examine electronic and optoelectronic components. For the last 30 years he has been responsible for the provision of the only MIL STD approved residual gas analysis (RGA) facility in the UK. His engineering skills have been especially useful in the design of test rigs for use in the shock and vibration testing facility.


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