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Mead Testing offers a comprehensive range of mechanical tests including shock and vibration,  bump, drop and topple and has additional equipment that allows us to offer analytical and investigative services.

Mead Testing provides the following services to product developers and can design test regimes to meet your specific needs.

Mechanical Qualification Testing

Mechanical qualification to International, National and Corporate standards enables product developers to ensure that their product will be compliant. In situations where no standard exists we can produce a representative specification for your product using data collected during field trials.

Product Assessments

Our shaker is routinely used to carry out transportation testing. This aims to verify that the packaging provides adequate vibration protection for the product

Operational vibration and shock testing aims to simulate a typical vibration environment. Random vibration can provide a good simulation for equipment  used in a vehicle while  sine on random vibration provide a good simulation for equipment used in flight. Our shaker controller allows the vibration profile to be tailored to meet your requirements.

 Equipment Available

loose cargo vibration

Loose Cargo Vibration on the mechanical shake

loose cargo vibration

Vibration of packaged equipment using the shaker slip table.


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