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Do you know how your materials or equipment will perform over a wide range of  temperature and  humidity or  how they will react to thermal shock?

Mead Testing can help you answer these questions and many more using our extensive expertise in environmental and climatic testing. Our laboratories are well equipped with a range of temperature and humidity controlled cabinets, including a walk in chamber,  and a thermal shock machine.  Services are available for tests specified in standards for qualification, approval and acceptance purposes for example BSI, IEC, IPC, DEF, ASTM, DIN. In addition, we are happy to carry out  tests to your own specification, which you may wish to deploy for selection of materials or development of designs or manufacturing processes.

Our climatic chambers can control the air temperature over the range from -70C to 180C and achieve relative humidity of up to 97%RH. Temperature ramp rates are typically 0.5C per minute to 1C per minute but rates of up to 5C per minute are available in some cabinets. These cabinets provide a cost effective solution for long term storage tests. They are routinely used to assess the integrity of transport packaging and to monitor the operation of equipment under environmental stress.

Our walk in chamber can accommodate full height telecommunications racks and is used extensively for thermal management trials.


Corrosion products on a circuit board after high humidity testing

Corrosion products on a circuit board after high humidity testing


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